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CWPS Initiative
The Climate Crisis

A Global Forum on

Methods of Cooling the Atmosphere

The Crisis

There is a new sense of urgency on global warming as we get more and more close-up experience with extreme weather events. The magnitude of the problem is such that we cannot limit ourselves to trying only to reduce our further emissions; this would leave atmospheric carbon total too high and still growing, the warming still accelerating, and feedback loops getting worse.


We must start considering additional, proactive solutions: methods to reduce the carbon levels already in the atmosphere, and methods to reduce by 1-2% the sunlight that reaches the lower atmosphere. 


Current efforts focus almost entirely on reducing new emissions, not the carbon total or the warming itself; but prominent climate scientists, among them founders of the global warming concern, have told us that this is insufficient, and that it is imperative to consider also technologies that proactively reduce global warming. The attention to these technologies needs to get past the present small scale, which in effect is relegating them to be considered only in a final warming crisis and then used, despairingly, without preparation.


Toward a Solution


An international forum is needed for humanity to effectively weigh all options, proactive as well as passive, for reducing climate change. This forum should administer research and testing programs sufficient to develop on a timely basis the requisite knowledge base for making informed decisions.

As yet humanity is living without this -- living dangerously. 

CWPS is taking the initiative to fill this gap. Our goal is to create an international platform to consider the several possible proactive interventions against global warming. We seek to develop the constituency that is needed for this. We invite all to join us in this effort.

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